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My family oft confuses money with success
My family oft confuses money with success,
glutting themselves on the hope that money
will turn to power, turn to happiness. Turn to
avarice. Turn to vacuous-ness.
I thank you constantly for the pain you’ve afforded me.
My family oft confuses socialization with
joy; with filling the emptiness within them.
And it is a message constantly drilled into
me. After all, “you’re only as good as your
closest friends”.
It has aided me well.
My family oft confuses disability with anger
for I cannot emote as they do. Because smiles
and frowns have forsaken me and now I am blank,
as closed off and shuttered as your hearts do
It has illuminated the path through the darkness.
My family oft confuses shackles with
freedom, never understanding what it is
that so binds them. They welcome the
water that drowns them, too blind to see
the key they need is right before them.
For pain becomes the purest of powers, and I am finally free.
:iconisisravencrow:IsisRavencrow 2 8
We were burnt
Into frozen a s h e s
Within your dead eyes.
She was born to the sea
Betwixt and between the waves and the cliff face;
Borne to those caught in eternity
Of tumultuous passions, cold and blue.
It was to the sea we delivered her,
When long since departed, she had been;
Back to her sweetheart and silence
And the dark water below.
It’s the stripping of air from our lungs that makes us GASP!;
Ligatures that flow and kiss
Even as they bite.
And the darkness is soothing when it takes us
And we descend
And breathe once more.
We never felt a thing until your frozen hands reaching
Pulled us underground to find peace
Among those lifeless and insect.
:iconisisravencrow:IsisRavencrow 6 1
"I like this," she said, leaning on the balcony's railing to stare out at the city spread below. "Being on top of everything. It feels like nothing can touch us and our troubles are far away."
But that wasn't quite it.
I like this, she thought, because I feel like I'm going to fall. I'll fall, and everything will fall with me. We'll fall away from all the problems. We'll fall so long that we'll learn to fly.
"I like this, too," he replied, smiling faintly as he watched her.
His eyes closed. I just want to fall with you.
:iconisisravencrow:IsisRavencrow 5 2
Rebellion (DMC Fanfic)
Paradise Lost

"Like a breath of fire sent from hell..."
To say it had been an ordinary day would have been stating the obvious. It always started with an ordinary day, didn't it?
The castle town of Fortuna was painted in the colours of dusk and a sleepy silence hung in the air. It was an odd time of day; when the deepening shadows cast an ominous gloom over everything and when lighted windows projected a sense of comfort. Given that it was a Sunday, few people were wandering the streets.
And no one noticed when the hellgate began to bulge.
In the nearby opera house, a small girl, Kyrie, kept her head bowed in silent prayer. At the front of the room, a man was giving sermon. It took most of Kyrie's will power to focus on Sanctus' raspy voice and not to turn on her two companions and give them a royal tongue-lashing.
"I'm bored. Can we go already?" a small, white haired boy whined under his breath. "All this preaching's putting me to sle
:iconisisravencrow:IsisRavencrow 1 0
~To --.
Sometimes I hate you
as I wish I could hate myself:
With fervor and tenacity
like poison in a vein.
You are the queen
of double standards;
a hypocritical hypocrite in the flesh.
You believe you are a star
but you are only an ocean
of quicksand, lugging
everyone you care for underneath you
and suffocating them.
In your eyes, you are faultless;
the trouble you cause is not of your design.
Everyone else is to blame
and your misdeeds are never a factor.
Undiagnosed hedonist.
You spew your opinion like car exhaust
and pour out your anger like acid
when no one agrees with you.
You fail to see
anyone for what they are
and what they are not.
To you I am
To you I am
the epitome of all that you think
I should not be.
I will always be one of your biggest failures.
So why is it that sometimes I love you
more than I love myself?
:iconisisravencrow:IsisRavencrow 4 5
I feel as though I am burdened.
Roots gouging into my soul to ground me in Earth.
Branches bursting from my spine to weight me down and
Leaves to keep me from flight.
And all around me trees whisper: Who are you to aim so high?
Who are you who is so fleeting and frail to seek the wisdom and knowledge known only to the ancients?
And to them I reply:
I am Nothing.
I am of air.
:iconisisravencrow:IsisRavencrow 4 3
A Marriage of Inconvenience Chpt 1 (Fable Fanfic)
A Marriage of Inconvenience
"She's out of sight, he's out of mind. They've always lived in the castle.
The frozen nights and moving lights, they're inside out of the window.
There's a fire in the city of pictures leaving nothing but ashes below.
It's only forever, for a day; Tomorrow is burning away. Burn away.
She's out of touch, he's out of time. They'll always live in the castle."
~The Birthday Massacre, Burn Away

~ * ~
The Contract

It was of common opinion that the royal gardens, which usually surrounded Bowerstone Castle in a peaceful sea of green, were truly eerie at night. Fog cloaked everything; turning the plants into lurking creatures and making even the most normal of statues appear suspicious. The city of Bowerstone, and its many ports, lay hidden behind a shimmering veil of murky white that seemed to have bathed the castle in silence.
Several of the castle's guards shifted uncomfortably. This sudden, strange quiet didn't sit well w
:iconisisravencrow:IsisRavencrow 2 0
She tells me she loves my hair, twining her fingers through it like it was silk on the summer mornings. We sit beneath the oak trees and laugh as the world passes by. Our jukebox only plays the classics: Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, Elvis. These are days of wonder, where our hardest choice is which flavour of ice cream shake to get at the parlor and our biggest regrets are not walking down to the cinema fast enough to catch a movie. These are carefree times and we watch the world go by.
He always offers me chocolates. Cream, caramel, dark, nougat; we sit in the grass and eat them at random, our fingers sticky on a hot day. He tells me impressive stories about how he's going to grow up into an impressive man. Doctor, lawyer, gangster, cop. It's not about being a good guy or a bad guy, we decide, but about having fun. And these are fun times, where playing is the only priority. I tell him one day we'll see the world and eat all the chocolate we want. Instead of changing the subject, he
:iconisisravencrow:IsisRavencrow 4 5
Banshee Siggy by IsisRavencrow Banshee Siggy :iconisisravencrow:IsisRavencrow 4 4 Charcoal practice by IsisRavencrow Charcoal practice :iconisisravencrow:IsisRavencrow 2 2 Fable Heroes sig by IsisRavencrow Fable Heroes sig :iconisisravencrow:IsisRavencrow 4 5 Reaver Fever by IsisRavencrow Reaver Fever :iconisisravencrow:IsisRavencrow 18 27 Nero.... by IsisRavencrow Nero.... :iconisisravencrow:IsisRavencrow 8 8
The Pit: A Darkside FanFic
Backstage at the Beastilia Exotica the air was thick with anticipation. An hour ago the dark room had been filled with various animalist sounds of frustration and fear, but now the room was nearly silent but for the odd whimper or growl. It was as if the animals in the room could sense what was about to happen.
Faint music drifted through the air, rising in volume before slowing to something that seemed to hint at the death and bloodshed to come. The patter of many footsteps nearly covered over the mournful sound, though those too eventually ebbed.
Two of the many brown overalled workers at the Beastilia slowly dragged a huge tarp-covered cage from the wall. An ominous growling rose threateningly from it, but the workers payed it little mind as they dragged it towards one of the doors on rattling wheels.
The cage and workers made their way out onto the main stage. The crowd whispered amongst themselves, some debating what creatures were inside and others chattering in excitement about
:iconisisravencrow:IsisRavencrow 5 4
Twisted by IsisRavencrow Twisted :iconisisravencrow:IsisRavencrow 3 7 Crepsley Siggy by IsisRavencrow Crepsley Siggy :iconisisravencrow:IsisRavencrow 5 4


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Apparently it's been almost 2 years since the last time I was on here? I'm sorry to anyone I owe a reply to. For the record, I didn't skip out on dA just to run off. My last com was basically dying. I couldn't come onto dA without the entire thing crashing. I borrowed someone else's com, but dA lagged so much that nothing on the page ever loaded. I have a new com and it works well and doesn't often panic about pics, so I'll probably be on much more (it seriously just slipped my mind to come on as soon as I had a new com). Sorry for running off. I'll try to post a full update on everything going on with me within the next couple days.

I hope everyone's doing well!

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